Drink Pink

TASTY BULLET represents a thrilling new chapter in Graphic Novel media with a tale as high energy as the story’s fictional drink itself.  Ideal for both kids hooked on Xtreme sports, web surfing, Red Bull and reality television to adults whose lives are wired just like the future they imagined as kids hooked on comics and video games. At the core of this high-octane story of personal redemption is Tamar, the beautiful, ass-kicking spokes-model for Tasty Bullet, a popular “energy drink” guzzled by kids around the globe “for healthy energy”. A mysterious adrenaline addiction feeds her ability take extreme physical risks. Her whole life is an episode of Fear Factor.  Bullet Corp, which groomed Tamar to be a superstar, continues to cover-up the secret of the unique Tasty Bullet “formula” and its link to Tamar’s childhood. They insulate Tamar from the horrible truth, yet Tamar’s own desire to know her true past sets her on a journey of self-discovery toward a crime that can no longer be hidden. Tamar leaves a trail of bullets across the globe in her desperate search for the truth as she faces a fearsome Teen Death Squad, The “Spiritual Terrorist” Ali Hallaj, and Tamar’s greatest enemy of all – her own addiction to Tasty Bullet!