Tasty Bullet – Digital Graphic Novel

TASTY BULLET special edition digital graphic novel. TASTY BULLET is an “energy drink” targeting kids around the globe. Thrill seekers “Drink Pink” as the ad slogan demands. TASTY BULLET is also the story of Tamar, the “Tasty Girl”, whose image appears on every billboard for the popular beverage. Tamar’s death defying stunts for Bullet Corp. are powered by her own thirst for the very product she is promoting. After a stunt nearly costs Tamar her life, she seeks the truth behind the drink’s secret formula and her own dark past. Bullet Corp. will stop at nothing to keep Tamer from kicking the bullet and discovering how she came to be the Tasty Girl. To free herself from her pop persona, Tamar must take aim at Bullet Corp. and expose the conspiracy behind TASTY BULLET!

Written by Arnold Pander and Jonathan Vankin. Illustrated by Arnold Pander.

Tasty Bullet Exposed!

Energy Drink Conspiracy Revealed
Patient Zero lays bare the bizarre details behind Bullet Corp’s Tasty Bullet energy drink secret formula. Follow the twisted trail of the Tasty Girl from Tokyo to India, Eastern Europe and beyond, to get to the heart of the adrenalin pandemic, H.O.A.R.D., and it’s link to the graphic novel, Tasty Bullet!